Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where's the last place you would like to spend your birthday?

Well, I can probably think of worse, but my youngest kiddo gets to spend the entire afternoon of her birthday in the doctor's office this week as our entire family gets in depth eye exams from two different specialists for our participation in a genetic study with the National Institute of Health.

Lucky for her she just needs a few pictures since she recently had a full exam, but that will still require "eye drops" which she is so good about getting, but is already dreading. I don't know what's worse - not telling her that she will be getting the drops and dealing with her anger when she finds out or trying to prepare her ahead of time and dealing with a week of her telling me that she doesn't want to go and get the drops.

While I'm very excited about the possibilities of some answers from our participation in the study, I hate putting her through another day at the doctor's office even if it is just for eye drops and a few pictures. The blood draw "event" we went through a few weeks ago was very traumatizing. She's old enough now that I try to explain that the doctor's don't know why her eyes aren't like ours, that they don't yet know how to fix them and that the scientists need our blood and pictures to try and figure out how to make them better - not only for her, but also to help other kids who can't see as well as she does. And the preschooler reply that I get? "I like my eyes just fine mom. They don't need fixed!" And in a way she's right.

Add to mix the fact that I think our oldest now needs glasses (for simple nearsightedness), this week's day at the doctor should be barrels of fun!

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