Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Second grade politics

I love the fact that my 2nd grader knows exactly who is running for president their vice presidential running mates. Especially since we don't talk politics at home, or watch network TV that often for her to be exposed to the political ads. Which is why her political advice cracks me up.

Since the beginning of the race, she would inform me at least once a week to be sure to vote for Hillary. "We need a woman as the president, mom." (Very matter-of-factly.) She wasn't quite sure who to advise me to vote for once Hillary was no longer a candidate. It was a trying few weeks. "I don't know, mom. We really needed Hillary."

Then, she decided that Obama was the best choice. "An African American man, mom. He needs to be president because it will make history."

Then for a few days after McCain announced Palin as his running mate. "Mom! You have to vote for Palin...I..I..mean, McCain! You have to! A woman!". Almost every day she would ask me, "Mom, you're voting for McCain, right? Puh-lease? Puh-lease?"

This girl takes her politics seriously! She was even doing a voting day count down at home. "Four more days, mom. Only FOUR. MORE. DAYS. You are voting for McCain, right? Puh-lease?"

(Seriously, we hardly ever talk politics at home. She loves this election stuff!)

Then, two days ago, she says, "Mom, I changed my mind. You have to vote for Obama." What!?! I said. Why the change? "Well, my friend and I were talking on the playground. And he said that McCain is a rich man. And if he gets president, he is going to take all of our money. I don't want him to take all of our money, mom. You HAVE to vote for Obama!"

My response: "What! Now you're talking politics on the playground!?! This is SECOND grade!"

I pretty much left it at that. Because, you know, we don't talk politics in our house!

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