Thursday, August 21, 2008

See why I stress out!?!

I mentioned last week that I was getting anxious for my youngest's eye doctor appointment today. She was an angel, very patient with the doctor, sat still and followed directions for the exams. She didn't even cry when her eyes were dilated! She knows the drill. Overall we had a good report, but as I suspected, she needs new lenses again. We've already had two sets in the last year - this will be her third increase in 12 months. But, like I said, overall the report was good. Phew! So we grabbed some ice cream, took off to home and I felt a big weight lifted from my shoulders when we walked through the door.

Until (seriously) 10 minutes later when she comes to me crying that...can you guess?...her glasses broke!!! So now I have a peanut wailing on the floor that she can't see. "What am I going to do Mama!?!" Um, maybe (please!?!) take your glasses off before you wrestle with your sister next time? Like you were suppose to do last winter when you took a face dive into the kitchen tile floor (was able to fix them that time.). Or when you decided it would be fun to slide down the stairs head first? (which led to the purchase of the current frames). So I fished out her spare pair of glasses from the TBall bag (which are now 4 prescriptions behind) and will be making the trip to order her lenses tomorrow instead of Monday like I had hoped. Oh, and add on a new set of frames too. Because we definitely need a spare pair on hand...just in case. Maybe it was meant to be...I didn't like her current frames seemed like they loosened up and wouldn't stay on her face every time she sneezed.

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