Monday, August 11, 2008

How much wood...

...can we cut, split and stack?

Our Cozeburn outdoor wood burner is being installed today. Yeah! This will remove our dependency on propane to heat our house (although we will still keep the propane tank for backup and as the fuel source for our kitchen cooktop).

Hubby has been busy cutting firewood since spring with the plan to have an outdoor burner installed. Fortunately we haven't had to cut "healthy" trees yet - there is so much fallen timber or overgrown trees that need cleaned up on our land. Between our land and neighbors that have given us permission to "clean up" their property, we shouldn't have to tap the healthy trees for the next few years.

Based on the money we spent on propane last year and the increase in fuel costs, the unit will start paying for itself in 3 years. Plus we have the added benefit of:

  • Unlimited hot water (well, as unlimited as our well has water!)

  • "Free" heat to our hot tub (um, when we get one)

  • Radiant heating to our driveway so no more snow shoveling! (when we get around to pouring a cement driveway)

  • Radiant heating for our rec room in our basement (uh, well, we don't have that yet either)

But you can see we have big plans and some additional options now that we have a burner.

Now just to psych ourselves up for getting up early on the upcoming freezing cold winter mornings to stoke the fire! Oh yeah...and all that wood cutting, splitting and stacking.

My request for the day: Please make sure the shed that will contain the unit and our wood supply doesn't block my wireless Internet receiver!

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