Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I know a deal when I see it

I've been reading a lot of blogs on finance lately - not the how-to-invest-your-money type, but the debt-free, frugal-living, less-is-more type of finance blogs. We've worked hard to get where we are today and I was hoping for some fresh, new ideas to help us pay off our mortgage before the 29 years we have left. Much to my surprise, I haven't found too many fresh, new ideas. I guess "working hard to get where we are today" has been us already implementing most of the tips that I have run across.

EbatesOne way that we have earned a little extra has been through referral, bonus or shopping sites where you can accumulate points or earn money. I have a favorite that we diligently use for every purchase - I'll let you in on that secret another time. But in my recent blog travels I did run across one that I will use in lieu of my favorite once in a while - especially when the store highlighted in the Daily Double has something we need.

Check out Ebates - where it truly "pays to shop online". Here's how it works: Ebates partners with hundreds of stores to provide an inclusive storefront for most of your shopping needs. Stores pay to be part of the Ebates storefront. Most storefront's pocket the money, but Ebates shares that money with you. After you accumulate $5.01 from purchases, they send you a check.

EbatesIt doesn't take long to accumulate some money. I bought a swim suit and a blouse on clearance at The Gap through Ebates and earned $1.05 with that single purchase which was just under $35.00. Sure, its not a ton of money, but I am doing more online shopping these days with gas prices so high and I can easily pay for a week of my daughter's piano lessons just by shopping where I normally shop.

But wait...it gets even better. If you sign up through any of the links in this blog, you will receive $5.00 just for signing up. You will have to earn $5.01 of Ebates before you will receive a check, but $5.00 for signing up is one of the best deals I've seen. And guess what? I will also receive $5.00 when you sign up. My goal is 10 referrals - enough for a free month of piano lessons!


Happy Shopping! (Saving and Earning too!)

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