Monday, May 05, 2008

Information Overload

Sometimes I wonder, "What is e-mail, Skype, Instant Message, TV, telephone, cell phone, iTunes, the World Wide Web, Google Reader and Twitter (I'm sure I'm leaving something out!) really doing to us long term?" I have now sat in my LaZBoy for over 8 hours straight working a usual Monday work day. And most of the time I have been doing not one, not two, or even three, but ALL of the above at the same time. Carrying on multiple conversations while doing multiple tasks; I've been sitting on my bum all day and I am thoroughly exhausted with a raging headache. I think this affects me more on Mondays since I am usually completely unconnected, outside and up and around all day doing farm chores on Sundays.

I wonder, not only what impact does this have on me long term, but my kids that are growing up in this "Information Overload" era? We took a rare trip to the mall on Saturday and now they have Dora the Explorer shirts that light up and "flash, flash, flash". My 4 year old went crazy over it. Does everything have to beep, flash, or buzz? Its nearly impossible for my 6 year old to sit still quietly for more than two minutes. Granted she's a typical energetic 6 year old, but how is this "always on" world affecting her? And so many other children?

I'm a techie and I believe all of this stuff serves a purpose, but the next time I'm driving down the road with the radio on, a dvd playing in the back seat AND talking on my cell phone, I'm going to turn it all off and sing "Old MacDonald" with my kids.

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