Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Wii Won't Turn On

Our life was changed when our Wii came into our life last June and we miss it terribly. One day we went to play Mario Party 8 and the Wii just wouldn't turn on. Has anyone else experienced this problem? The orange light was on indicating that it is receiving power, but no matter what we did it wouldn't power on. We unplugged, waited, plugged back in. Still nothing. We called Nintendo support today and they were very nice. We need to ship it to Nintendo (they are providing the shipping paperwork) with the power adapter and the Mario Party game that is stuck inside (we keep the SD card). They will try to repair it. If they can't, they will provide a new one. If the game is damaged they will provide a new one as well. They can't guarantee that all of our data stored on the hard drive will be recovered, but since they track the games we've downloaded we will be able to download those again. We'll all be bummed if we lose our Miis and game history. The kids were working so hard to collect all of the items in Mario Party - we were all most there! Thank goodness spring is here and we're now busy as a family with TBall. We really miss the fun we had as a family playing the Wii. I'll keep this post updated as we find out what went wrong with our Wii.


wolfprint said...

We finally dropped our Wii off at FedEx on Saturday. It took us a while because we're not close to a FedEx Kinkos and wanted to drop it off at a manned location version an unmanned drop off so we waited until we were going to Pittsburgh. The assistant manager waited on me and packed it at no charge! Thanks! We'll see how long the repair process takes.

wolfprint said...

Wohoo! I was surprised to find a package sitting on our front porch (I can't believe I didn't see / hear the FedEx guy - I literally count each car that goes by every day) today. We received our Wii back with a new hard drive and new Mario Party 8 game. Seems to be the same console but I haven't verified the serial number yet. Good news is none of our data was lost. Yeah! The kids are so excited to play again. Our 4 year old rushed to the door as our 6 year old was getting off of the bus shouting "The Wii came! The Wii came!". Good day too since its been pouring down rain all day. Kudos to Nintendo on the superior customer service!