Monday, April 21, 2008

Little House in the Big Woods

My mom read to me every night as a child. I thank her for taking the time to do this as I believe it is the reason I love reading today and instilled my thirst for knowledge. We read many books, but my favorites were the Little House on the Prairie Boxed Set (9 Books). My 6 year old just loves the re-runs of the Little House TV shows. Now that our 4 year old has the patience for longer stories, we're starting to read chapter books at bedtime aqain. The Little House books are great for her because there are just enough pictures sprinkled through to keep her attention.

Little House in the Big WoodsWe started reading Little House in the Big Woods last night. I was so excited about reading these stories to my kids that I hadn't thought about how relevant they are. The stories take place in the late 1860's - about the same time our farm was founded. Last night we learned about how the smoke house (which we rebuilt last year) was used. We're now all looking forward to stories about the other items we have discovered here!

My mom wrote in every book we read the date we completed it. I'm now reading Little House in the Big Woods to my kids 27 years after it was read to me. We'll do the same and date the book when we're done. Maybe they will do the same some day with their children!

6 yr old: "My favorite part was when Laura went with Ma to milk the cow and she slapped a bear."

4 yr old: Lost interest many evenings, but would always look at the pictures. "I loved the doggies and the cat, Black Susan, but I wish her name was Jerry."

Mommy: I would catch myself reading ahead after the kids fell asleep and I still looked forward to re-reading the next night.

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Christine said...

Oh how I loved those books! I should read them again.