Monday, February 05, 2007


The thermometer at the bank read -5 when I drove past on my way to work this morning. No school for the kiddies today or tomorrow. And, nothing happening on the house until it warms up a bit. But, things should take off again next week. The front door and garage doors are scheduled to be delivered towards the end of the week which means we can finally close up the house. Plus, they are to start installing the ductwork for the furnace.

Siding complete in back One project I need to get moving on is restoring a sink top that was used in my Great Grandfather's doctor's office. I'm not exactly sure of the age of the counter top, but if I have the numbers right, my Great Grandfather would be around 130+ today. My mom had been using the piece as a decorative dry sink. We're planning on installing it as a functional sink in our powder room. The existing hole for the faucet is smaller than today's standard size so we have to have (gulp) a new hole drilled for the faucet. The base plate of the new faucet is shown in the picture. There are also marble pieces that form the backsplash for the counter top that aren't shown in the picture. The cabinet of the sink is sentimental as well - it is handmade out of cherry from a tree that was cleared when my parents built the house I grew up in.


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