Sunday, August 27, 2006

Septic is done

Tanks and leech bed for the septic are done and passed inspection. One of two required inspections complete! That's one nice thing about building in a rural area - the only required inspections are the septic and well. We hope to plant hay seed over the leech bed area this week since it runs under our hay field. We met with the well driller today. Up next is the masonry work for the foundation and basement, but it should be a quiet week since our mason is completing another job this week.

We have a big decision to make this week - two courses of block will be exposed plus the area for the walk out basement is bigger than we had expected. We need to decide whether to leave them exposed and paint them (maintenance long term), stone them to match the front stonework and chimney (more money) or brick them and switch all of the stonework to brick (break even money-wise). We've always wanted the stonework so it seems to go against one of our big requirements to switch to brick. We're meeting with our GC tonight to discuss our options.


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